45 records for sale at vinyl record shows

Yes, dealers have 45 records for sale at the Boston record shows. Some just set up with them only.

Many know the 45s from the jukebox days. Watch an episode of Happy Days, MASH or many other 60s and 70s shows. juke box 45 records for sale vintage rock pop jazz blues

Pizza shops to bars had jukeboxes in the corner awaiting your coins to play your picks. Jukeboxes still today are found in many homes and businesses as a form of entertainment.

Pricing of 45 records are just like LPs - they vary from say $1 & up and at times dealers offer box lots that may bring the price down below a dollar per 45 record.

Boston Vinyl Record Shows Dates 2022 - 2023

45 record jukebox models shows music pop rock blues

Just Some of the 45 Record Categories